I’m Rik, and soon I’ll be working at Code Club as their Head of Education. This means that I’ll be making and playing games looking after their amazing curriculum, and creating lots more resources. I’m incredibly excited to be working with such a dedicated, hard-working bunch, and looking forward to running my own Code Club in Leeds!

My aim is to ensure that young people learn fundamental coding skills, while at the same time undertaking awesome challenges that get them excited to make things for themselves. I also want to make sure that all Code Club-ers are adequately challenged, regardless of ability or background. Furthermore, these challenges will develop problem-solving, design and collaboration skills as much as possible.

An important part of developing the curriculum will be getting feedback from volunteers, finding out what works well and what works not-so-well. That way, clubs will be exciting, engaging places for young people to learn to code. If you’re a volunteer and have any comments on any of the resources that you’ve used then I’d love to hear from you: rik@codeclub.org.uk.