Making an RPG Game in Scratch

I’ve been reading up on making a Scratch RPG project, as well as playing some of the amazing RPGs that people have managed to create. Making an RPG is hard, so I’ve tried to create a Scratch project that explores the basics of making an RPG game.

The game can be found here (click the flag to play), and has the following rules:

  • Use the arrow keys to control the main character;
  • The main character can’t move through brown walls;
  • Touching a red enemy kills the main character;
  • The character wins if they get to the green rectangle;
  • If the player touches a black door, they move to the next screen;
  • Touching a yellow door moves to the previous screen.

Scratch RPG

There are only 7 scripts in this project, and as most of the game rules are based on touching certain colours of objects, it means that the game can easily be remixed to create more interesting games.


Here are some possible improvements that can be made to the game:

  • Adding more backgrounds to the stage, with black and yellow doors to allow movement between screens, and brown walls to guide the main character;
  • Adding more enemies to particular screens, that move in different ways, and at different speeds;
  • Improving the graphics, and adding sound to the game;
  • Adding items to collect, possibly along with a score;
  • The game could be made 2-player, with both players having to get to a door to open it.

I’d also like to try using cloud variables, to make a world in which players can meet up online, and work together to solve challenges.


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