New Scratch Projects

Here’s an overview of what’s new in our Scratch curriculum:

 memory Memory — memorise and repeat a sequence of random colours!
 dodgeball Dodgeball — a platform game, in which you have to dodge the moving balls and reach the end of the level.
 brain game Brain Game — a times table quiz, in which you have to get as many answers correct as you can in 30 seconds.
catch the dots Catch the Dots — a clone of a great game called ‘Gyro’. Match the dots to the correct part of the controller.
 invaders from space Clone Wars — use lightning bolts to save the Earth from space-monsters.
 create your own world Create Your Own World — learn how to create your own open-world adventure game!

If Ask, Then Answer

My Code Club Journal

Last week was the first week with the full complement of code club members, new and returning.  We filled the computer lab again.  I had a Code Club World project that was new to all of them called Chatbot. I picked this Scratch project because it introduces “ask and answer” code blocks and “if statement” code blocks. Also, the project wasn’t your typical video game.

Chatbot is a new project that has just come out of “beta” testing so it used some aspects of Scratch 2.0 that aren’t available to us as our lab has version Scratch 1.4 installed.  For example the characters the project says to choose from are all 2.0 sprites.

Sprites from Scratch 2.0 Sprites from Scratch 2.0

So I wrote a couple of my own versions of the project to demo to the students and let the students pick a sprite of their choice for the project.

Chatbot Star, a Scratch ver 1.4 demo project Chatbot Star, a Scratch…

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